Expressvpn Black Friday Deals & Coupon Codes 2021 (Full Expert’s Review)

Blackfriday ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN is one of the most popular, secure, fast, and helps you with full anonymity without the restriction of logging policy. They allow P2P or Torrenting and also work with the Tor browser to provide privacy at the maximum level. It is virtually supported by the entire devices and much easier & greater to utilize. As the industry standard, ExpressVPN will use the default AES 256-bit and OpenVPN tunneling protocol. You can also manually use other protocols to spice it up. You can get an extra 3 months of services for account of Black Friday offers for ExpressVPN.

Express VPN Black friday deals

Black friday epress vpn

Best BlackFriday Deals For ExpressVPN

Across the 94 countries, ExpressVPN has an amazing amount of more than 3,000+ servers. When compared to the other service providers, the pricing is expensive and will not support Netflix access. Most of the VPN servers across the globe will work without any latency. This is one of the best premium VPN services and offers various features to use. ExpressVPN is another excellent choice to be anonymous and secure.

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ExpressVPN Pricing Details & Black Friday Deals/Offers

Black friday expressvpn

While choosing the best VPN service, pricing is one of the most important factors to consider. ExpressVPN service is very much clear and premium VPN to offer the best pricing. If you prefer to get a good reputation and top-notch security then you need to pay a little bit extra to use the ExpressVPN service.

Expressvpn black friday offers

Activate ExpressVpn Black Friday Deal

Subscription Plan

VPN ExpressVPN
DealExpressVpn Discount/Coupon
Offer 81% + 3 month Free for one year Plan
Refund30 Days
Support 24/7 support
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You will get 3 months of Free extra services from these plans. Find below the list of various subscription plans featured by ExpressVPN service:

You can get it cheaper by subscribing for longer months. However, this is not a low-cost VPN service across the online marketplace. When compared to free VPN or other VPN services, it can provide the best performance and entire features to control.

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Payment Options

It is much easier to pay for utilizing ExpressVPN services. There are various methods available to purchase subscription plans (even all major credit or debit cards are accepted). For your convenience, it is also possible to process the payment through Bitcoin or PayPal. You need to choose your subscription plan, enter your valid email address, and select the appropriate payment method to purchase.

expressvpn black friday

Money-Back Guarantee

The company informs that for any type of subscription plan, you can avail of the 30-day refund guarantee feature. It is advisable to try using the ExpressVPN service without any risks. In case if you are not willing to utilize or continue the service for any reason after 30 days then they will refund your money without any questions. You can contact the ExpressVPN Customer Support team to claim the money-back guarantee option.

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Free Trial

ExpressVPN is a premium VPN service and no free trial is offered by the company. However, a few mobile devices can utilize the free trial service. Any mobile phone across the globe and the ability to access the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store can utilize the free trial period for 7-day after downloading the app. When considering the pricing structure, it is always advisable to choose the best VPN service that can offer high security and various features. In this case, ExpressVPN is one of the excellent choices to try.

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Netflix Connection Issues

Technically, the Netflix program will work properly with the ExpressVPN servers. However, you need to identify the block servers based on the trial & error method. Find below the list of ExpressVPN servers that are tested and confirmed as working:

Africa & Middle East Region

  • Algeria

Asia Pacific Region

  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong

Europe Region

  • Monaco
  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom (5 Servers)

American Region

  • Bahamas
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • United States (Out of 30 servers, 6 numbers are working fine)

expressvpn black friday

ExpressVPN Review & Features

Find below the list of features offered by the ExpressVPN service:

ExpressvPN Black friday 2020


Instead of selecting a high-quality VPN service, it is more important to protect your data. VPN services can secure the data transfer with the assistance of the VPN Protocol. However, it is a tough job to identify the most secure one. You can use the ExpressVPN service to understand the best protocol for utilization.

ExpressVPN tunneling protocols will provide added security that will allow the device to connect or access the VPN server using the OpenVPN or default secured tunneling. The ExpressVPN will automatically select the appropriate protocol to use. It also supports the PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, and SSTP protocols. The best combination of speed and security is provided by the OpenVPN TCP or UDP option.

Encryption Standards (AES Encryption)

No one will prefer to utilize the Wi-Fi operators or ISP to interrupt your confidential data while transferring from your system to the VPN servers. To overcome this issue, ExpressVPN will utilize the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit for access. You can stay confidential on your own data since the security experts & the U.S. government will use the AES-256 encryption standard. Even on AES-256, it is not possible for brute-force attacks.

Logging Policy

ExpressVPN service will be strict and a no-logging policy is followed for your privacy. They will never gather the information from you like DNS queries, Metadata or Traffic destination, connection logs, Browsing history, IP addresses, or any other activities. Any VPN service should gather some essential information. ExpressVPN service will value the customers and inform them of the collected information. Some of the collected information is:

  • Data Transfers (Total MBs)
  • VPN Server locations.
  • VPN Connected or accessed dates.
  • Only activated apps.

They will collect only essential information in order to execute a reliable and fast VPN service.

Company Location

As per the confirmation with the Customer Support Team, ExpressVPN service headquarters is located within the British Virgin Islands. The collection of BVI with self-governing islands located within the Caribbean region. With regards to the data-privacy standpoint, it doesn’t belong to the SIGINT Seniors Europe or 14 Eyes. The intelligence data was shared with one another across 14 countries and even outside to protect its privacy. Find below the important things to know:

  • You can find various hoops investigators to convince the court successfully to reveal the BVI company information.
  • The BVI Company will reveal the investigation information provided by a high court order.
  • Within the jurisdiction, you can’t find any data-retention laws.

The BVI of VPN service is based to maintain your identity and as well data safely.

Good Customer Support Team

You can purchase any service that has the integral of Good customer support. Besides the technical considerations, this is one of the most essential factors that need to be provided by any specific VPN service. In case if you are not able to set up or install your ExpressVPN service properly then you can contact the available 24/7 customer support team for assistance. ExpressVPN will offer the most powerful customer support and a 24/7 open live chat support team for customer assistance.

You contact them to get clear information about its features, functionalities, and other stuff with very responsive. The customer support team had provided access to its available list of self-help guides on its official website. It is not required for an agent to wait for installing the VPN program and the best bet to work on. You can also contact the Customer Support team by raising a support ticket or filing email support. The customer support representatives are helpful, resourceful, and knowledgeable to guide the customers for properly connecting the VPN service and staying protected.

Torrenting & Tor Networks Support

If anyone prefers to utilize the most secure available connection across the globe then we recommend utilizing ExpressVPN service that supports Torrenting & Tor networks. You can gain the strongest security by using the ExpressVPN service with Tor networks. The encryption of a VPN server will provide the anonymity of Tor. It is one of the airtight connections and even your VPN service will not view the ongoing process within the Tor network. It is essential to connect your device first to ExpressVPN service and next connect to the Tor network for working on this process.

Your connection speed may slow down while connected to the Tor network within a specific country. The government may watch your access and it is advisable to use this option for security. Torrenting is another best option to download big files and even share the same quickly and efficiently. Without VPN service, your metadata, location, and IP address will be exposed to everyone. ExpressVPN will work much better with the most popular torrenting client named uTorrent for file-sharing activity without tracking the information. It also allows file-sharing traffic across their VPN servers.

Routers & Device Compatibility

A single subscription will allow you to access it simultaneously up to a maximum of 5 supported devices (platform regardless). Even this information was confirmed by the ExpressVPN Customer Support Team and informed that it is supported for numerous devices and routers:

  • Smart TVs & Consoles – Samsung Smart TV, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Fire Stick TV, Xbox, Apple TV, Playstation (PC), and entire Smart TVs & game consoles.
  • Browser Extensions – Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Devices – Nook, Kindle Fire, Chromebook, Routers, Linux, iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows OS.

Device Protection will include various reasons like smooth streaming, comprehensive security, and many more for entire devices. In case if you would like to access more than supported 5 devices then you can choose the following two options:

  • Set up the ExpressVPN service for your router.
  • Purchase an additional subscription to access.

You can set up the ExpressVPN service with your router for protecting various devices more efficiently. It is also possible to eliminate the installation process of the ExpressVPN app on each device. The VPN service on your router will be more productive to protect the Smart TVs & game consoles that are connected to the secured router. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to secure your router using the ExpressVPN service:

  • You need to select the appropriate subscription plan.
  • Select your appropriate VPN router.
  • Then select your router model for access.

Within a few seconds, you can offer a secured Wi-Fi network to various devices to utilize one VPN service access for your router.

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Stay Secured – Network Lock: Kill-Switch

ExpressVPN will ensure that your data will never be compromised even if the VPN connection is disconnected. Know about their kill-switch, which is referred to as Network Lock. If there is any interruption with your VPN connection, it will automatically stop the incoming & outgoing traffic to your device.

This means that your personal or confidential data will never showcase to anyone over the internet platform whether criminals or ISP (Internet Service Provider). Your information will not be shared even under a failed VPN connection. This standard feature is offered by ExpressVPN service for its apps on routers, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

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It is proved that within 5 minutes of time, you can set up the ExpressVPN service and utilize it without any issues. Any user can easily install the ExpressVPN service quickly and activate the same without any issues. Earlier, a few of them might utilize the “Smart Location” feature for connecting their server efficiently. It is also possible to configure the connection manually with the help of OS-level VPN settings.

Every single device is supported to utilize the ExpressVPN service and is able to connect to its server without any hassle. Just, you can follow the below-mentioned three steps:

  • You need to select the appropriate subscription plan.
  • Move on to the setup or access page.
  • Download the ExpressVPN program and install the same on your device.

Numerous Server Locations

ExpressVPN will offer the biggest advantage to utilize the numerous available servers for access. In 94 countries and 16 server locations, it includes more than 3,000+ servers. Except for Antarctica, on each continent, they have the server located to use. When compared to the number of servers, ExpressVPN service can easily compete with other VPN services like SurfShark . IvacyVPN, IPVanish, CyberGhost, TorGuard, PIA, and NordVPN. Each server will provide the physical server & registered IP address in the same region to utilize the available virtual servers.

The registered IP address should match the same country’s connected Virtual server. But the physical servers might be located in a different region or country for access. Only 3% of the total servers are referred to as Virtual servers and ensure to provide a secure, dependable, and speedy connection at all times. From the list of available numerous servers, you can choose the nearest one to access without latency.

How Does ExpressVPN Works?