Best Black Friday VPN Deals and Offers 2021 (90% Off + 3 Months Free)

VPN Services will offer a way to enjoy extremely safe access over the internet. We all surf the internet on an almost regular basis. But do you know it can cause some threat to the security of data being stored in our device? Got worried? Just get relaxed. VPN Services is there to help us all in our daily surfing. VPN services or Virtual Private Network is an essential tool that helps uses in keeping their internet activities extremely private. No one can track your internet surfing without your permission here.

Best Black Friday VPN Deals

VPN services serve as a powerful anti-censorship tool that makes it quite easier for you to access various restricted websites through your device. Right from unblocking content from various famous and restricted websites to downloading torrents safely, there are a lot more things where VPN services act as a magician for you. We are here with the topmost best VPN services for you. Just check out all and select the one that suits well to your needs.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the most trusted and reliable names in the field of VPN services. ExpressVPN services provide a featured pack that works well on various range of operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and much more. Users are free to enjoy this wonderful platform on various sources such as Amazon Prime. Hulu, Netflix, etc. It is one of the most trusted brands that have made it quite easier for a user to enjoy extremely safe access to various websites without worrying about restriction issues.

Best BlackFriday Deals For ExpressVPN

One can easily stream on HD content with high-quality results without any hassle now. The tool is being featured with robust encryption so that no hacker could get succeed to trace you. Moreover, the VPN services do not include any usage logs that keep your browsing data safe. ExpressVPN is known for its quality services and that’s why it has become quite famous in the last few years. The company is currently serving the world with millions of users. Users can check the same before finalizing their decision by choosing a 30 day no-quibble, guaranteed money back option.

ExpressVpn Full Review and Offers

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is another one of the finest names in the list of best VPN services that ensures users have private, fast and secure access over this unlimited world of the internet at very affordable pricing. Compatibility is one of the leading features that had made this tool extremely famous among the huge population just after a few years of its launch. NordVPN is currently being used by millions of users worldwide and all thanks to the simple and easy to go interface it is providing users to work on.

One doesn’t need to worry about the operating system at which they are going to use it. The tool effortlessly works on various operating systems such as Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows, and much more. Whether you are going to work with Netflix or you are willing to use this tool on Amazon Prime, it will work smoothly on all. It is a feature-packed option that one can check by opting for 30 days money-back guarantee. The presence of wonderful features like Xor obfuscation and Cyber Sec are some of another wonderful thing that has made this product quite popular.

NordVPN Full Review and Best Deals

Buy Now NordVPN

3. PrivateInternetAccess

If we talk about one of the best VPN services, PrivateInternetAccess is the name that will hit the list with a few others. it is one of the most demanding VPN services at this moment that is considered to be a perfect combination of absolute privacy, security, fast access, and affordable pricing. If we talk about its compatibility, it runs efficiently on various platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc. Moreover, the users can be effortlessly used on devices with Netflix, iPlayer. This VPN service is currently being used by millions of users worldwide and all thanks to the affordability and ease of usage it is offering users to work on. The best thing about this wonderful VPN service is that it provides users no-logs services.

If we talk about the encryption of PrivateIntenetAccess, it is the first-rate and ensures users have such a great IP leak while testing. Features like P2P on all servers are the highlights here. The tool is quite famous among torrent enthusiasts as it supports port forwarding through NAT firewalls. Users are free to check upon their reliability while working on the 30-day money-back guarantee. The best thing about this tool is that it provides supports for the five simultaneous connections without having any issues,


If you are currently looking forward to securing all of your internet services with the help of the best VPN services, VYPRVPN is just the way to get on. It is one of the securest VPN services that offer facilities for users all around the globe. Being designed to work efficiently on several platforms effortlessly such as Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, or macOS, it is a tool that ensures users have absolute security over every surfing of them. Users are free to check out this service on various tools like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

Security, the safety of data, and access to copyrighted content are some of the features, that you surely are going to get here. Vyprvpn is being well known for its high technical quality of services. The tool perfectly helps users in owning or managing the entire CDN network without having any issues. One of the best things about this wonderful tool is the presence of no log features in it. The tool is quite famous for its reliability and trustability and is currently being used in more than 70 countries without any issues.

5. CyberGhost VPN

Coming up with a very simple and easy to go interface, it is another one of the finest tools on the list, that ensures users have secure and fast access to a vast range of data without making many efforts. The tool is being designed to work effortlessly on various platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, and much more. Whether you are going to work on Netflix or are about to use a tool like Amazon Prime, it works efficiently on all. CyberGhost VPN is being designed to provide no-logs services to users.

One doesn’t need to worry about the security or safety of their system here as various filters are being used here to keep your data safe from hackers. The package comes up with 45 days money-back guarantee options that you can upgrade easily for further usage. One doesn’t need to pay out anything for adopting 45 days money-back package here. The tool ensures users have excellent technical security. Right from protecting your WiFi connection to adblocking and tracking protection, there are many more things that this package is going to do for you.

6. IPVanish

IPVanish is another one of the most preferable names in the list of best VPN services that are currently serving millions of people globally. Coming up with a very simple and easy to go interface, the tool can be effortlessly used on various operating systems such as Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux, etc. IPVanish is quite famous for providing a well around services all across the globe. if you are in search of the best and secure privacy-based services for your device, IPVanish the tool we will surely appreciate to have on. it is one of the finest places that not only takes care of your online surfing only but also keeps you safe from the tracking or leaching eyes of hackers also.

The tool is being designed to ensure users have no log services. It means that that you don’t need to worry about your search history or data being stored over there. IPVanish comes up with a very strong OpenVPN encryption that adds more to the privacy and security of the data you are currently being using on. Moreover, features like XOR obfuscation, Killswitch, and VPN concealing are some of the other mind-blowing features you are going to have on here. Pricing is quite affordable and users are free to check out the various services being offered here just by opting for the 7 days money-back option.

7. Surfshark

If are looking forward to an absolute security measure to take care of the data being store in your device, Surfshark is the absolute option you could enjoy on. It is one of the finest VPN services being available in the market that can be run effortlessly on various platforms like Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and much more. This tool is being considered to be a perfect example of absolute security, affordability, and fast access. The best thing about this tool is the affordability and reliability it is offering the users to work upon.

Surfshark provides users very fast access to more than 500 servers worldwide. The product comes up with a 30 days money-back option. Users are free to connect to multiple devices simultaneously without having any issues. Absolute technical security, double-hop VPN services, and DNS-based adblocking and malware protection are some of the mind-blowing features that one can easily get here at quite an affordable pricing.

8. HotSpot Shield

If you are looking forward to a tool that can help you enjoy very fast and secure access over a wide range of surfing options, Hotspot Shield is one of the finest options you need to rely on. The tool is being considered to be a perfect combination of absolute security, fast access, and affordability. It is one of the finest real-time malware protections that helps you in keeping your device safe from the prying eyes of hackers. One of the best things about this tool is its compatibility. Hotspot Shield is being designed to provide users absolute security for various operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc.

The presence of other features like a Chrome extension and 24*7 accessibility are some of the other mind-blowing features you are going to get here. Right from unblocking Netflix to BBC iPlayer and Disney+, there are a lot more things where you can access it effortlessly. The tool is being designed to offer users unlimited and anonymous P2P torrenting without having any IP address leakage issues.

9. Hide My Ass

Adding one of the other ones of the most favored names in the list Hide My Ass is just the option you could opt for securing the data over your device while surfing on the internet. It is one of the fastest and securest VPN services that is being designed to offer its interrupted services over a wide range of locations over the internet. The tool comes up with various wonderful features like Chrome and Firefox Extensions. Users are free to access here the restricted content from various countries effortlessly.

One can easily use this tool for unblocking sources like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. One of the best things about this wonderful tool is that it offers its uninterrupted and effortless services on thousands of dedicated streaming servers over more than 190+ countries worldwide without facing any IP address leakage issues.


So, Guys! These are one of the finest VPN services being available at this moment that will help you in enjoying free and fast access over the internet without having any issues. All the tools being mentioned above are the perfect examples of absolute security and they ensure users have fast and easy access over a vast range of dedicated and restricted servers worldwide. We very well understand the need of absolutely secure internet surfing and that’s why come forward with the best and tested products on the list.

We also have tried to list up the customer’s reviews before finalizing them on our final list. Features are being explained there against each product. Each of the products being mentioned here comes up in a different pricing package and can differ a little bit from each other in terms of features.  Users are free to check out the one depending upon their preferences.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal 2020: Just $1.98/Mo [Max Discount]

A2 Hosting Black Friday sales is an upcoming event, where customers can save a lot of money on web hosting packages. The seasonal event brings a lot of value to the customer wallet because of the hefty discounts on the packages. Customers should take this moment to make clever purchases and save tons of money on web hosting packages.

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What is A2 Hosting Black Friday?

We have to look at Black Friday history to understand why we are getting big discounts on this particular day and why all businesses follow the same tradition. The United States of America has a tradition to take a day off and thank the people, who have shaped their lives. The next day is Black Friday, where businesses open the store early and offer the best price to the people. In 1952, Black Friday is celebrated every fourth Friday of November and it is the mark of the Christmas shopping season.

Many reputed businesses started to offer “too good to be true” discounts on apparel, products, and foreign goods. Millions of people started showing up at the store and they sold everything in the shopping center within 20 minutes. The new business offer standout of the crowd and the sale attracted other businesses and this is reached A2 Hosting as well.

The war of sales has attracted different categories and web hosting business model competition has increased. Fortunately, as a customer, we are lucky to have this day to purchase one of the best web hosting services in the world.

A2 Hosting Black Friday: Time, Date, and Duration

The seasonal event “Black Friday” begins on 27th November 2020 and there is no end date because many stores choose to offer discounts throughout the season. The dates may vary from country-to-country, and A2 Hosting is based in India, we can assume that they will follow the Indian Time Zone.

A2 Hosting will start the seasonal event a little early to grab the attention of the customers. The Indian web hosting company has a competition to beat and they are promoting the products via Facebook posts. The Indian company cannot let the foreign companies take over the South Asia market and A2 Hosting will keep on promoting it.

We are estimating that the seasonal event will continue throughout November and December. It wouldn’t surprise you because the competition like Bluehost will take part in the Black Friday season. It is safe to say that you don’t have to rush and purchase the service within a day because you got an entire month to consider options. The Indian hosting company is smart enough to take advantage of the seasonal event and bring discounts that rival multi-million dollar companies.

Do not rush and take your time to compare the alternatives and then make a good purchase. We do not doubt that A2 Hosting will bring higher discounts on the existing packages with zero compromises. The higher competition will force other service providers to lower the price and provide excellent discounts on web hosting packages.

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  1. Shared Web Hosting

It is common knowledge that shared hosting is the most selling package in the business. A2 Hosting knows that a shared package is eye-candy for the customers because it is a cheaper solution and works for the majority of the customers around the world. We don’t have any doubt that the Indian web hosting company will provide a minimum of 50% off on the regular prices.

It wouldn’t be surprising that they may increase the discount price up to 70% to attract a wider audience in the country. You should look out for the offer because it won’t last long and they cannot keep it up for long either due to limited slots. Go to the homepage every day and check for the seasonal event discount.

Estimated Discount: Maximum 50% – 70% off

  1. WordPress Hosting

WP hosting is a popular package in the hosting business because 42% of the websites on the internet are based on WordPress. It wouldn’t be surprising that site administrators are willing to pay the minimum amount for the WP hosting package. A2 Hosting will bring interesting discounts on the WP packages because it is an eye-candy for the customers.

The package includes a lot of features that every WP site administrator would love to get their hands on it. You got free &easy site migration, so you don’t have to pay a single penny for the site transfer.A2 optimized the server software for maximum performance and you won’t face any input lag and slow server response time.

Estimated Discount: Maximum 20% – 40% off

  1. VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Network) hosting is a powerful server that can handle web-applications, online shopping stores, and dynamic websites. A2 may aggressive discount on the VPS package because it is an expensive service and they might knock off a few bucks from the yearly bundle.

VPS bundle is expensive and every provider cannot offer a lower price because it is a powerhouse for a heavy site. However, we believe that A2 might end up giving a minimum of 20% off the entry-level package and you can purchase a bundle at an even lower price depending on the number of years you add to the cart.

There are three types of VPS servers available at A2 and they are Core VPS, Managed VPS, and Unmanaged VPS. The discount pricing may vary from package-to-package, so make sure to check it out.

Estimated Discount: Maximum 20% – 40% off

  1. Dedicated Hosting

A2 bundled three types of dedicated web hosting for the customers and they are Unmanaged Servers, Managed Servers, and Core Servers. You can purchase web hosting at an affordable price and it brings the same power & integrity that dedicated serve should bring to the table.A2 hosting will likely bring the minimum discounts on the dedicated servers but you should not look for 50% off.

You can compare the discounted prices to the last year and estimate how much you can save this coming season. We are estimating the seasonal event discount to be a minimum of 25% and it can go above 30% during peak time.

Terms & Conditions

Always read the Terms & Conditions applied by the A2 hosting and other companies as well. The discounted period brings tremendous price cutting that decreases the yearly revenue profits. Many web hosting companies add stipulations, so they can recover the initial investment during the season later on. For instance, GoDaddy offers dot com domain registration for $1 upon subscribing to 2 years in cart.

Many web hosting companies ask you to purchase 2 years or 3 years of the package to claim the discount and that’s how they can recover from the deal. Most companies sacrifice one year of profit to generate two years of profit, and we don’t blame them because they have a business to sustain.

Bottom Line

A2 is a reputed Indian web hosting company that has made headlines for good service and price-to-value package. You can expect good discounts on shared hosting and other packages during the A2 Black Friday season. We did not include domain registration because A2 cannot provide any discounts on domain registration and companies like GoDaddy, BigRock and others have already covered the market.

Bluehost Black Friday 2020: 70% OFF {Live Offers} – [Verified]

Bluehost Black Friday is a seasonal festival that brings happiness to the site administrators. Black Friday is an auspicious moment for the United States of America citizens and business, which included Bluehost. The web hosting company takes advantage of the seasonal event to introduce new customers on the platform.New customers should consider the offer on the table because you can save a lot of money on packages.

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What is Bluehost Black Friday?

The United States of America celebrates “thanksgiving”and the next day the stores open early and provide discounts and it is called “Black Friday” in the country. The trend picked up in the USA because it is a popular day for businesses to generate revenue and profits. Millions of citizens save money to spend on Black Friday because brands compete against each other to attract the audience on the platform. Almost every brand in the country offer some form of discount and you won’t find heavy knock offs on premium products any other day.

Bluehost is a well-known brand in the web hosting category and they have a competition to beat. The American web hosting company offers heavy discounts on existing packages for new customers and keeps them away from the competition. It might be a war between hosting companies, but it is a blessing for the customers, who are looking for an affordable yet high-quality service.

We implore the readers to go through theTerms & Conditions because the company cannot provide the same offer during renewal time. You should not skip this part because you may end up pay for the service 3x times later down the line.

  1. WordPress

Bluehost’s popularity in business came after it got recommended by WordPress open-source Content Management System (CMS). The American hosting company’s primary package has always been related to WP CMS and you are guaranteed to get a discount on the package.

We can compare the pricing strategy from previous year data and you can get maximum discounts of up to 80% on the highest package available in the store.You don’t have to worry about compromise in the service because it will remain the same as 30-days money-back guarantee, 24/7 customer support team, cPanel control panel, SSL Certificate, and more. In short, you have nothing to worry about the limitations because it is the same package with a minimum 40% discount from the regular price.

Estimated Discount: Minimum 40% – 80%

  1. Shared Hosting

Shared is another demanding package that many customer purchase to host blogs and websites. The American hosting company understands that they have to provide discounts on the shared hosting to attract new customers. The entire market is focusing on low-budget packages and it always starts from shared hosting.

You will notice a huge dip in the pricing and it starts from $2.99 per month. Customers can purchase shared hosting for $0.99 per month to $1.99 per month.New customers can claim the offer at the mentioned price and make sure to read the terms & conditions to understand the renewal status.

EstimatedDiscount: Minimum 20% – 50%

  1. WP Pro

The American-based web hosting company offers a premium WP Pro package to the customers, who have 100,000+ unique visitors per month. If you have a tremendous amount of traffic showing on the site every month, then you need a powerful WP hosting package. WP Pro is a premium bundle but it is unlikely to receive a heavy discount on the original pricing because it is a premium pack that has high-quality features & functions.

WP Pro is a managed WordPress bundle, where you get an “unlimited” amount of options. Customers can add unlimited domains, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and more. You have to pay $17.99 per month and access high-quality service at an affordable price point. In short, you have an unlimited tag attached to the hosting package for $17.99 per month and you cannot ask for more.

EstimatedDiscount: Not possible

  1. WooCommerce/eCommerce

Bluehost dedicated to providing WordPress-related solutions to the customers and they introduced the “eCommerce” category to the customers.The dashboard is equipped with eCommerce tools that will allow the site administrators to integrate payments and hundreds of premium themes for the ultimate store.

Bluehost WooCommerce bundle includes a dedicated IP address, SSL Certificate, unmetered bandwidth, centralized analytics dashboard, WooCommerce integration, and more. The management won’t make any offers on the eCommerce package because it is a budget-oriented and is the best price compared to competitors. We don’t think that you will be getting any major price drops in the online shopping store bundle.

EstimatedDiscount: Not possible

  1. Domain Registration

The domain is a strict business model and you have many popular registrars like GoDaddy, BigRock, and other providers. You won’t get any special discounts on domain registrationbecause it is already the best price available in the market. Bluehost added Domain Registration to complete the missing element in the business model, but it is not the main focus for the management. You should consider buying a domain at reputed providers like GoDaddy because they provide high-quality service at an affordable price.

EstimatedDiscount: Not possible

Bluehost Black Friday: Date, Time, and Offers

Bluehost is a reputed company, which doesn’t extend the event date because it is a limited time offer. The sale will begin after “thanksgiving” and Black Friday is set to happen on Friday, 27 November. You should grab the Debit Card, Credit Card, or internet banking service to quick payments and an email address to create an account and activate the account. Do not take time to reconsider the options because Bluehost won’t give you longer than 24-hours claim the highest discount.

Bottom Line

Bluehost Black Friday starts from Friday, 27 November 2020 and it will last for 24-hours. The company may extend the seasonal event period, but you won’t get the maximum amount of discount because they have limited slots. Make sure to keep an eye on the timer and take advantage of the sale because it happens once in a year.

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SiteGround Black Friday 2020 Deal – 80% Discount (Live Offers Included)

SiteGround Black Friday: We are all aware of the fact that SiteGround is one of the best hosting providers available currently. It offers the best discount on the occasion of Black Friday as well. For per month they have the setting plan adjust $2.98. All of them are applicable for Cyber Monday as well.

When it comes to doing the comparison, then their Top Notch technical support and fast server response make them the superior one among all. This lets users rely on it. Additionally, they offer a free domain name with all the hosting plan a person can purchase.

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Siteground Black Friday 2020

Black friday siteground

Different hosting platforms are there, including general web hosting, decided hosting and cloud hosting. A user can choose any of them according to their requirement. The discount will be applicable on all the hosting solutions a user is choosing.

It is quite interesting to note that they always come up with custom solutions so that they can provide a user with bulletproof security, anytime support and blazing Speed. The data centres of SiteGround are available across the world in a strategic way. Also, they always ensure that the site a person developed is up and running. Certain separate hosting solutions are also there which they crafted for popular web applications.

As we have an idea that the black Friday 2020 deal is creating buzz all around and people are eagerly waiting for the same. If you also have the same thought about the Black Friday then go through this article till the last so that all the details about the deal will be there for you and you can participate for the same easily.

What to the site ground Black Friday sale is all about?

Let’s have a closer look at SiteGround Black Friday sale. In this sale, they offer various premium features along with GoGeek plan. All the features, including the fast loading service with lots of disk space, will be integrated. Additionally, recently SiteGround launched the ultra-fast PHP, which is known to load the website 30% faster as compared to other competitors around. Moreover, in all their plans, there are different features which a user can consider. When it comes to comparing the SiteGround plans, then every time a user will be going to have something good. Let’s have a look at the feature in all the plans they are having.

Feature StartUp GrowBig GoGeek
Daily Backups YES YES YES
cPanel Dashboard YES YES YES
SuperCacher NO YES YES
Priority Support NO NO YES


When it comes to customer support, they are up to the mark has never compromised with anything. Customer satisfaction is their topmost requirement, and if a customer has any doubt, they can ask about it immediately as the immediate response will be there for them in every case.

How will a person be able to Grab the SiteGround Black Friday discount?

To grab the SiteGround Black Friday, discount are user needs to understand about all the necessity is. In case they have no idea how to grab it then they will miss the opportunity. for the same user needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  1. At the very first user needs to visit us SiteGround official website.
  2. From there the hosting plans are there a user can choose any of them.
  3. After choosing the hosting plan, move ahead and choose the tenure as well.
  4. When you are done with choosing the tenure, you need to place the discount coupon so that the discount will be availed on the Purchase easily.
  5. And that’s it within no time you will be able to avail the benefits of SiteGround Black Friday 2020 deal.

What are the pros and cons of SiteGround hosting?

It is also important for a user to get an idea about all the pros and cons linked with SiteGround hosting. In case they have no idea about it then certain problems will arise which become quite unbearable to an extent. Therefore when you move ahead with SiteGround have a look at all the features as well.


  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • cPanel access
  • Due to SSD storage loading times are Super-fast
  • For speeding up site speed Free CloudFlare CDN is there
  • Provides servicing for more than 1,700,000 domains worldwide
  • Extremely affordable hosting plans which start at just $6.99 per month
  • Free site migration, daily backups, unlimited email accounts and the list goes on
  • For free even with basic plan SSL certificates are given
  • SSH for better security


  • on all of their shared hosting plans Limited disk space is there
  • Limited CPU usage (but this is not a problem for most bloggers using WordPress)


Q1: From when the SiteGround Black Friday 2020 deal will get available?

Ans: The SiteGround Black Friday 2020 deal will going to be live from November 27 2020 at 2am CST. It will be available till December 1 2020 till 2am CST.

Q2: How a person will be able to avail the SiteGround deal?

Ans: For availing the side ground deal are you just need to visit the Exclusive link available. There is no need for them to engage in the hassle of coupon code promo code and so on because this will going to get activated automatically.

Q3: What the coupon will offer to the customers?

Ans: On all the hosting plans there will be a huge instant discount available during the Black Friday sale.

Q4: Is there any free trial available for users who wish to use SiteGround?

Ans: Unfortunately to this question there is a big no. No trial plan is there for users who wish to use SiteGround. But they come up with 30-day money-back guarantee. In case you feel like that this is not the platform that will fulfill your requirement you can simply go for refund.


From above discussion, it is quite clear that SiteGround black Friday deals will be going to create a buzz all around because it offers enormous discount to all the users out there. If you do not want yourself to be in the hassle of missing out the discount then avail it on the first day. Moreover, it is once in a year opportunity therefore, it is a suggestion, do not miss it out at all. Feel free to ask if there is any query arising considering the SiteGround Black Friday 2020 deal.

Nordvpn Black Friday Review & Deals discount coupons and offers (70% off + 3 Months Free)

NordVPN is one of the most popular, incredibly easier, faster, and secure services available over the web. This VPN service will utilize the OpenVPN tunneling protocol (default one) and AES encryption (256-bit industry standard). Across 59 countries, they located more than 5,300+ servers in various locations. It will assist to access any blocked content and as well as stream the videos without any latency. As per the testing, most of the servers (around 90%) will perfectly work with Netflix streaming.

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This is one of the highest supportive VPN services available for users to utilize. It includes numerous servers and much easier to identify the best performing server, especially while Torrenting. On the entire servers, then NordVPN will support both Torrenting & P2P along with Onion Tor feature for anonymity and the ultimate privacy. They will not gather any log files and without data retention law (Panama) it works on out of your region or country.

NordVPN Black Friday Discount Deals &Offers (70% Off)

NordVPN service will offer various pricing based on the plan length you preferred. The monthly plan starts at $11.95/month and annual billing will make it pay around $3/month. However, they won’t have any hidden charges along with clear pricing policy. For the entire pricing packages, they offer a money-back guarantee for 30-days.

  • 3 Years plan or subscription: $41.88/year and $3.10/month
  • 2 Years plan or subscription: $59.88/year and $4.99/month
  • 1 Year plan or subscription: $83.88/year and $6.99/month
  • Monthly plan or subscription: $143.4/year and $11.95/month

Active Best NordVPN Deal

You can subscribe for one plan and secure up to a maximum of 6 devices including router and Smart TV. They offer a one-size-fits-all plan for the entire subscription such as:

  • Kill Switch is available.
  • Various protocols such as L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, and OpenVPN.
  • Approved within the Panama Jurisdiction.
  • No DNS leaks.
  • No upsells are allowed.
  • Hidden Clauses & Fees: Refund is not possible if the app was directly purchased from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store (iTunes).
  • A refund is also not possible for the payments processed through Gift cards or pre-paid cards.
  • NordVPN software is a much easier and user-friendly interface to access.
  • No logging policy.

With regards to pricing, it offers fairness and simplicity to its users. You can choose your preferred subscription or plan to utilize the entire features. When compared to other VPN service providers, NordVPN will never restrict on bandwidth limit.

Payment Options

Currently, NordVPN will not support the payments through PayPal. It accepts the payment from multiple cryptocurrencies, other payment services, and credit card payments.

Money-Back Guarantee

For any subscription or plan along with good standing, NordVPN service will offer a money-back guarantee for 30-days. You can contact the available 24/7 customer support team to raise a request for claiming a refund.

NordVPN Review and Features

Find below the list of features offered by NordVPN service:

Panama Location

NordVPN service will operate and work within the Panama jurisdiction. With the assistance of No data retention law (not mandatory), it will not store any log files. NordVPN will never have any obligations or requirements to track the communication or activity logs of its users.

P2P or Torrenting Support

On certain servers, the NordVPN service will support P2P (peer-to-peer) traffic. You need to utilize the server recommendation feature to identify the best server to connect for better access. This option will provide a list of suggested best servers to connect. For enhanced security, you can also connect to any other available NordVPN servers with the help of P2P support. The app will automatically redirect the users to connect the Netherlands or Canada servers.

Tor Network

The Onion over the VPN feature of NordVPN will provide various benefits of Tor along with VPN tunneling security. The Tor Onion Router will allow the users to spoof their identity and your real system IP address can be viewed by the entry node. But with the help of Onion over VPN features, it is not possible to view the IP address even at the entry node.

You should have complete anonymous access to Tor and the third parties will use the NordVPN with Onion technology and not track your entire online access. Onion servers are referred to as Volunteer-operated and can be easily open for attack. Onion over VPN will provide full protection from any attacks and anonymity with security.

Multiple Devices

NordVPN service will support various connections simultaneously and securely connect up to a maximum of 6 devices using a single account regardless of their operating system. It is much easier to connect with your router and provide security to your devices that are connected within your network. You are only allowed to connect any devices within the 6 available spaces.

DNS Leak Test

If you had installed NordVPN manually and utilizing a Windows OS device then it will automatically connect to its default DNS (Domain Name System) servers. It allows your ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to view or track the website you are accessing. Sometimes, a few of them may not know about the leaked feature to choose the best VPN service to provide guaranteed DNS leak protection.

Your devices are allowed to use only the NordVPN DNS servers during the connection and never worry that the information will not be sold or leaked to any third party. In case if you are still experiencing a DNS leak while using the NordVPN then the support team will assist immediately to solve the issue.

No Logging Policy

The VPN service will keep your logs and online activity completely confidential or private. The No-log policy provided by NordVPN will keep your usage or connection with any traffic data or IP addresses or connection timestamps. It is also possible to accept various Cryptocurrencies (i.e. Bitcoin) for processing the payment without any trace. A few important data are monitored as follows:

  • Payment Data (i.e. Bitcoins)
  • Email address
  • Service Performance Data (recommended only for suitable VPN servers)

This is one of the most important features offered by each VPN service over the web. However, the payment processor of NordVPN is not properly tied to its main company. It is advisable to go through the logging policy for your reference.

Kill Switch

NordVPN will provide the best protection with the help of its Kill Switch feature. This is one of the advanced security features that block your device immediately from its web access when disconnected or dropped from the VPN server connection. The connection will be blocked until you disable the Kill switch or restore the VPN tunneling process.

Double VPN

With the NordVPN service, it is possible to enable or choose the Double VPN feature to utilize. The traffic will pass through the first & second remote VPN servers for data encryption before it reaches the online destination securely. It allows for IP address protection & privacy, enhanced security, and double encryption. Most of them are not aware of this Double VPN feature; you can protect your information and communication securely by using this option.

NordVPN will advise the users to disable this feature only for private browsing with the Tor Network and high-speed internet. NordVPN subscription package will include the Double VPN feature and can be used for Windows, Mac OS (OpenVPN), and Android apps.


CyberSec is another NordVPN feature that can be prompted to include after installation. It will protect you against phishing attempts, malware, intrusive advertisements, and other threats. However, it is optional with various benefits to utilizing the CyberSec feature:

  • Integrated Protection is one of the main features used for major cyber threats and phishing scams. The websites are compared immediately while browsing using the known blacklists and your access will be blocked if they found any malicious software, spyware, or malware.
  • CyberSec will protect your device or access from the DDoS attacks even if your device is already infected. The communication & connection will be eliminated immediately within the botnet control server and your device.
  • CyberSec can easily hide any distracting advertisements, audio-enabled or disabled auto-plays ads, and pesky pop-ups. This will allow a better browsing experience and faster loading speed.

Specialty Servers

There are numerous specialty servers available within NordVPN and allows you to select the best one based on your requirements:

  • You can choose a unique IP address using the dedicated servers and not even shared with other users to create a secured browsing experience.
  • The Double encryption offered from NordVPN to forward your information via double secure VPN servers.
  • If you are trying to load your data within restricted internet access location then NordVPN will assist use any one of its obfuscated servers. It will assist to stream or browse your full information in a secure way.
  • You can gain more security to protect your behaviors & data online then NordVPN service will help to work on it. It can be paired with Tor or Onion Router for traffic analysis protection and enabling anonymous communication.
  • With NordVPN, there won’t be the limit for P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing without activity tracking or bandwidth threshold.

It creates a better security online experience to protect the public Wi-Fi (wireless) networks or provide access to any other information even while traveling. They are extremely simple to use and set up the NordVPN service. The 24/7 customer support team is another strongest feature to utilize.


NordVPN service is extremely simple for installing and signing up to utilize.

  • First, you need to access the NordVPN official website and select your preferred plan.
  • Select any plan or subscription between 3-year, 2-year, 1-year, or 1-month.
  • Now, create a NordVPN account along with your communication or billing information. You can follow the below setup process to install NordVPN software:

Step 1 – Ensure that your local hard (computer hard disk drive) should have at least a free space of around 19 MB. Select the appropriate drive to start the NordVPN installation process.

Step 2 – Choose the location for creating the NordVPN shortcuts. The setup wizard will allow you to choose the appropriate location between finder or start menu folder, or desktop, or both.

Step 3 – It is much easier and NordVPN is successfully installed on your device. You can launch the NordVPN service automatically to utilize secure access to torrenting, streaming, and browsing.

After installation, NordVPN will prompt to install the update of automatic software in case if it is available. You can select to perform the action immediately or remind you for a later time.

Netflix Working Servers

Due to restrictions and geo-locations, Netflix is not supported or working with various VPN services. However, NordVPN service will assist the users to bypass the geo-locations or restrictions. Netflix is not able to unblock with each server of NordVPN service due to its crackdown of certain IP addresses. Within the list of available around 95% servers are working fine with Netflix access.

Speedtest Results

The speed consistency and its stability are more important when compared with other VPN services. You should not lose the significant speed and provide the positive and the best online experience. The ISP (Internet Service Provider) connection speed for upload could be 25 Mbps and download speed at 250 Mbps. As per the report, the NordVPN service tested its download speed using two different servers (the UK server and the US server). It was tested three consecutive times and each result with 110 Mbps download speed when compared with other VPNs. For streaming and torrenting, it is much easier to allow with stability and speed.

Numerous Servers

Across 59 countries, they located more than 5,300+ servers in various locations. NordVPN service will assist the users to automatically choose the best working servers depends on your requirements, loading speed, and location. You can select your preferred server anywhere across the globe from the available list of servers.

Customer Support Team

Most of the users will have numerous concerns and technical assistance even after reviewing various VPN providers. It could be the installation procedure, newly built rig simple troubleshooting, your router’s offered encryption method, or many more. Some of them will have technical issues and need proper guidance to work on it. NordVPN Customer Support team will provide the best assistance through quick email support, live chat support, informational articles, how-to-guides, and tutorials of the prolific database. The Live chat support of NordVPN can be reached through [email protected] email address.

Active NordVPN Black Friday Deal

Pia Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a season for consumers to purchase branded goods at the lowest price. You can consider the festive as the most cost-effective season for consumers. Most of the well-known brands offer 25% – 80% off on clothing, electronics, apparel, digital products, services, and more.

Black Friday deals are available in offline stores, but that’s not the case with Cyber Monday. You can grab the discounts on online stores, and save tons of money on expensive goods. I’m going to provide i-depth information on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

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Popular Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Online Stores

Pia Black Friday

Don’t you want to learn the sources of popular spots to buy premium goods at a lower price?

  • Amazon: Up to 50% off on the selected products.
  • NewEgg: Up to 40% off on the selected products.
  • Walmart: Up to 48% off on the selected products.
  • Best Buy: Up to 50% off on the selected products.
  • Game Stop: Up to 30% off on the selected products.

The online shopping portals discounts might change during the season as the competition arises. I’m expecting Amazon to hike the discount percentage up to 80% on selected goods. Of course, you will get 25% – 45% on your choice of products during the Cyber Monday and Black Friday period.

When does Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020 starts?

  • Cyber Monday will take place on 26th November 2020.
  • Cyber Monday will take place on 27th November 2020.

Most of the stores update the website front page and fix the store banners sharp at midnight. However, we have seen many well-known stores to update the visuals later on. We have witnessed plenty of online and offline stores to promote both occasions throughout the weekends and at the same time.

The occasions encourage the stores to celebrate it for weeks, and months. You might witness the discounts keep going on Tuesday, Wednesday, and even the entire month, so don’t expect it to end in one day. Black Friday is the most exciting part as offline stores take advantage of the season to sell premium products throughout the month under the banner.

Do not rush into stores to grab the lowered-cost on premium products because you got an entire month to find the best deal for you. Of course, you might miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime deal, but this won’t end in a day.

How long Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales do last?

I am hoping you could pay maximum attention to the details that I have provided here because it will change your perceptive. There is a difference between online shopping sites and offline stores, where both industries operate differently due to the nature of the business model.

  • Cyber Monday is a one-day event in the United States of America.
  • Black Friday is a one-day event in the United States of America.

However, I wouldn’t say the same for European countries, Australia, India, and other countries in the world. Many countries don’t follow the restrictions of the one-day event and capitalize on the audience’s interest level. We have seen digital companies selling services and products online before and after the day.

As I have pointed out earlier that well-known companies start the sale early and extend it to the next day.

However, we would urge the customers to buy on the same day because Amazon likes to keep it a one-day event. You don’t want to mess around when it comes to limited stock because the prices may go high after the event due to a shortage of supply. Do not take limited supply for granted and end up paying 20% higher than regular prices.

How much discount should I expect on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

That’s a fair question, and we have answered it for you. You have to keep the country & source in mind before saving money for the day.

Electronics: You won’t be disappointed when buying Samsung, Apple, Cameras, Noise-cancelling headphones, Gaming headphones, Computer components, and more. Customers can expect 30% off on smartphones and other electronic goods. However, I don’t see huge discounts on Apple products, which is a common factor nowadays.

Apparel & Footwear: I always keep an eye on the online stores for Apparel & Footwear as price does go down during this season. You can expect a 50% minimum discount on popular brands, and it reaches up to 70% on the sale day. I would love to grab the deals when there is a 30% – 60% discount on popular brands.

Gaming & PC: The $93 billion industry shines through the day with a 25% minimum discount on the popular consoles, games, accessories, and more. You can buy gaming PC components such as Intel CPU’s, Ryzen CPU’s, RAM, SSD, Graphics card, and more. You can grab excellent deals on controllers, console games, and steam gift cards. Overall, you can expect a minimum 25% discount on well-known brands.

How to grab the best deal on Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Customers should know how to make most of the events because it might not come again.

On-time Purchase: Let us assume that today is Black Friday, and Amazon started the sale, and you can grab the best deal within 6-hours of the sale countdown. On Amazon, you can find limited stock products, and they might not come back before the sale ends.

Keep Looking: We have seen online shopping portals avoid applying the coupon code while we make the purchase, so always keep an eye on the cart. Find the coupon code highlighted on the dedicated sale page, and then apply it during check out.

Free Shipping: You will find similar item listings on Amazon or other stores, and you will also find sellers offering free shipping.

Customers should subscribe to the Amazon or similar shopping websites newsletters. We found plenty of good deals on leading e-commerce portals, but you have to keep in mind that they will keep on sending until or unless you unsubscribe to the newsletters.

Bottom Line

PIA Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a money-saving season for customers, who are on a tight budget. Always be early and pick up the best deals before the listing runs out of stock. Let us know which country you hail from and what are the things you have learned from these occasions in the comment section below.

Ivacy Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Review

The most significant and efficient shopping bonanza for everyone will be Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals. Many small or big companies will provide incredible offers to utilize. Moreover, Ivacy VPN is one of the best and most popular VPN service providers across the online marketplace. They even offer the best offers or discounts on this Black Friday & Cyber Monday. If you are buying the Ivacy VPN service for this Black Friday then you can get with a 5-year plan at 87% discount.

You need to pay only just $0.99 per month. Ivacy VPN service will provide the entire pricing packages for everyone based on their best choices. Black Friday, the town’s new event will combine with fast approaching Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday deals are commonly related to technology and provide various offers to utilize. This Cyber Monday will showcase unbelievable deals even from the Ivacy VPN as well.

Ivacy VPN service pricing is slashed by an 87% discount and worth investing in to utilize this service. Without any doubt, Ivacy VPN is another best and reputed company available across the online marketplace. This VPN service will offer numerous best deals that no one can offer. Some of the service providers will display scam or fraud deals to attract users.

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Ivacy Black Friday Deals

Ivacy VPN is one of the robust and small VPN service providers located in Singapore. This offshore-based company can offer a significant advantage for starters or clients to guarantee offshore privacy. They work within the Jurisdiction of “Five Eyes”. As per the public opinion, it was established using their extensive Privacy Policy. Within the VPN service industry, Ivacy service provider will offer numerous features to its users.

Ivacy Black friday deals

Users are allowed to enjoy various features by using the Ivacy VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. Some of them are a dedicated Kodi app, smart connect, split tunneling, unlimited data transfer, and unlimited server switching. Ivacy VPN will offer a wide range of network servers (more than 1000 servers) located in multiple locations worldwide. Simultaneously, it is possible to connect or access 5 devices using this VPN service.

Ivacy VPN (Virtual Private Network) will provide the following features to the users for your reference:

  • Simultaneously logins up to a maximum of 10 Devices
  • A dedicated Kodi App
  • P2P Support
  • Multiple locations include numerous servers with decent speed
  • High-Speed Downloading
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • No Browsing Logs policy
  • Military standard grade with 256-Bit Encryption (AES-256-CBC)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Smart Connect feature is also included
  • Advanced IKEV & IPSec Protocols
  • Malware Protection

Ivacy Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals & Offers

There is no doubt that the Ivacy VPN service provider is another fastest VPN available in the market. There are the best competitors for various providers like ExpressVPN, NordVPN in terms of speed. Ivacy Black Friday & Cyber Monday will offer numerous pricing packages. A few of them are listed below:

1-year Plan – Ivacy Deals

There are various Black Friday deals offered by Ivacy VPN and a 1-year plan is one among them. The 1-year pricing plan for Ivacy will offer discounts for 66% and pay the package at $3.33/month for an entire year. Instead of paying $120/year, you can utilize the Ivacy Black Friday deal to get billed $40 at a one-time payment.

2-year Plan – Ivacy Deals

Ivacy will offer another package at a 2-year staggering offer for users. The 2-year pricing plan for Ivacy will offer discounts for 80% and pay the package at $1.99/month for an entire year. You can utilize the Ivacy Black Friday deal to get billed $48 at a one-time payment with full-protection for the next 2-years. Instead of paying $239, you will pay only $48 with an 80% discount to use these amazing features. This is a brief and sweet deal to utilize during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals.

5-year Plan – Ivacy Deals

The biggest and first deal to get the 5-year plan to start with an 87% discount. Normally, the monthly plan will start at $9.95/month, but Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals will offer you $1.33/month. You can utilize the Ivacy Black Friday deal to get billed $80 at one-time payment with full-protection for next 5-years. Instead of paying $597, you will pay only $80 with an 87% discount to use these amazing features.

These are the best Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals offered by the Ivacy VPN service provider. Based on your budget, you can choose your plan to utilize the service. This is not a scam or fake news and confirmed the same through various trustworthy websites or reliable sources. If you prefer to love Ivacy VPN then this is the ideal time to utilize the best Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals.

Discount Offers of Ivacy Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Ivacy VPN is one of the most popular options when compared to PureVPN or Surfshark for streaming online content. They offer cheaper packages even without utilizing the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. This new VPN service provider will offer good performance and also affordable pricing across the VPN providers industry. They offer fast streaming servers, numerous server locations, and also more than 1000 servers along with the military standard encryption of AES-256-CBC.

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Ivacy will offer a 5-year plan deal to get an 87% discount at the pricing of $1.33 per month. Make use of this service to unblock the content that is geo-restricted. It is relatively cheap and much easier to use. They offer decent speeds even without their larger server network. There is no greatest privacy track record for accessing the Ivacy VPN service. Users can also avail to get a free year service from Ivacy during Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals.

Try itIPVanish Black Friday VPN Deals & Coupon Codes

Even at a 2-year pricing package, users are also eligible for using their subscription of a 3-years plan. With an 87% discount, you can pay only $2.25/month. Apart from various deals, you can also utilize the money-back guarantee for 30-days and multiple payment methods. Users are advised to access the Ivacy VPN official website to check the latest discounts and promo codes. Most of the deals are valid and tested with the development team. Ivacy also offers special promotions and offers during Cyber Monday, Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday, etc.

SurfShark Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (85% Off + 3 Months Free)

Being safe while roaming around the virtual world of the internet, is something that we all care about. But finding out the best partner for making our ride smoother is quite a difficult part. It gets quite easier for one to get indulged in the world of spams and frauds out there. A smaller mistake and you will get done with your online access. It gets quite evident to have on a thorough search before making the final selection of a suitable VPN for ensuring the safety of their device.

One can easily find a large number of VPN services over there in the market but there are only a very few that have got succeeded in winning the heart of millions of users and of course, SurfShark is one of those. If you are willing to be a part of this wonderful VPN service in the future, it is the best thing you can opt-in. A large number of deals and offers are waiting for you at this moment. The guide is all about to assist you in making your final decision. We also have tried to assist you with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and SurfShark self here in this content so that it would get much easier for you to know about these and how could you become a part of SurfShark.

Surfshark black friday

What is Black Friday?

The international business association serves its customers with a wonderful shopping extravaganza every year in the form of Black Friday. Black Friday is being celebrated in every fourth Friday of November. Discounts and offers are at their peak at this moment and that makes it a wonderful opportunity for all the shopping lovers. Different discounts and coupons are usually being offered by the sellers at this moment. Black Friday has gained a very huge popularity in the last few years and almost each of the industry right now is grabbing the opportunity to become a part of it. So, if you are willing to get the best VPN service at affordable pricing, Black Friday is the best opportunity you can grab the deals of a lifetime.

SurfShark Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Continuing the sorts of Black Friday, Cyber Monday is another greater opportunity when you can easily save a lot of money just by being a part of different offers out there. Cyber Monday is usually being celebrated on 2nd December and it is the time when you can save on home goods, clothing, and tech services. Cyber Monday is usually being celebrated after the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. The program was initially generated for encouraging people towards online shopping.

Cyber Week is usually being celebrated every year for boosting up the sales and deals that usually taking place around Thanksgiving.

SurfShark is one of the leading and powerful VPN services being available at this moment. Being owe to serve you the best from 800+ servers in more than 50+ locations is something that can make anyone can fall in love with it. Coming up with all of the critical VPN functions, the tool lacks somewhere in the advanced features but still make it up great by providing the unmatched performance. The beautiful laid-back branding, pristine clutter-free interface, and much more is there to make anyone fall in love with it.

SurfShark comes up with premium price tag options than that of its competitors. The VPN tool works easily with the majority of the operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon, Linux, and Fire TV, etc. One of the best things about SurfShark is that you can easily connect as many devices with it simultaneously.

Features of SurfShark

SurfShark is considered to be one of the most secure and high-end VPN services that are currently being used by millions of people around the globe. Exploring the features is the best thing one could do for knowing about this wonderful VPN service in detail.

  • High-end speed for streaming and high traffic activities
  • A good option for torrenting
  • One of the securest VPN services
  • DNS and IPv6 Leak Protection
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • HackLock feature for monitoring your emails and passwords to avoid any security breaches
  • Private and Ad-free BlindSearch search option
  • Camouflage Mode for bypassing a firewall
  • No borders mode for easily accessing highly censored regions

SurfShark Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals and Offers

Before jumping upon the final description about the SurfShark Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and offers we would like to remind you here that both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have a long way to come now. As we know the thing that the final offers and deals by any company are usually being declared near to that occasion, we have to wait patiently till the official announcement by the SurfShark.

If we go with the trends SurShark is providing the same basic offers and deals for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday consistently for years with a bit change only. We are only here assuming almost the same deals and offers this year also. The main deal or discount offer you can grab on the occasion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 are:

Get SurfShark for only $1.99/month + 3 Months Free

This wonderful package can be revealed again this year to serve high-end affordability to its customers by SurfShark. It is a two years plan offer for signing which you just have to pay out $1.99 per month only and you will then get three extra months for free. It seems to be quite interesting right. Serving seamlessly around more than 61 countries and 1041 servers all across the world would be great fun for everyone. The best thing about this deal is that you can enjoy the services here for unlimited simultaneous connections. It means that you can now easily secure you and your family or friends’ devices just by opting for a single VPN package now.

Well, this is just an assumption and the final deal may or may not vary. Just wait patiently for the surprise package to open up.

IPVanish Black Friday VPN Deals & Coupon Codes

VPN is a standard protocol for journalists, army personal, and individuals around the world. You can find here Best IPVanish Black Friday Deals and Offers with Huge Discounts.  VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that protects your IP address from getting tracked and being watched by the government or some sort of cyber-surveillance. IPVanish is a popular VPN service provider that is offering Black Friday VPN Deals up to 70% off on the packages. In this review, we are going to look at their packages, deals, features, and PROS & CONS. I’m going to help you make the final decision to purchase the premium package or move on to something else.

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What are IPVanish Black Friday VPN Deals?

IPVanish is a Virtual Private Network service provider, who is based on the United States of America. The company is top-rated around the globe for providing premium services across the world at an affordable price. The VPN service provider offers enormous discounts during the Black Friday season, and it is always a value-for-money deal that has a positive impact on your budget. In this review, we are going, to begin with, packages, and move our way up to its worth, and learn whether it is worth your time or not.

IPVanish Blackfriday offer

Note: You do have an option to try the services VPN under the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee policy.

IPVanish Black Friday 90% Discounts


During the time, I was reviewing the packages; IPVanish was holding “Summer Sale 59% Discount”, which had an exciting deal on the table.

  1. Pay $5.00/month on one monthly plan.
  2. Pay $8.99/month on three months plan.
  3. Pay $6.49/month on the yearly plan.

The highlight is a $5/month plan, which had a 59% discount on the package. We have shown and mentioned above, and you are going to receive IPvanish Black Friday deal up to 70% off on the regular package. Buying digital products during the season does help in saving money big-time, and won’t break your vault. as well as you can find huge discounts account of Cyber Monday for IPVanish VPN.

Try this best offerExpressvpn Black Friday Deals

Encryption & Security

The primary purpose of the VPN is security and how the provider is going to protect your identity from government surveillance. IPVanish did not compromise on security protocols and encryption and included encryptions that are required in modern times.

The provider implemented industry-standard AES-256 BIT encryption and supported multiple protocols IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN (TCP/UDP), and PPTP. You are not missing crucial contracts that are required to keep your IP Address from getting revealed to the world.

DNS Leak Blocking: Privacy invaders won’t be able to take a sneak peek while your browser and the website communicating.

Supports TCP Port 443: The TCP Port 443 plays an essential role in connecting to a secure website that has an SSL Certificate.

IPV6 Leak Blocking: IPV6 leakage is a common problem in many developing countries, and it can reveal your identity to the invaders, and surveillance.

VPN Kill Switch: VPN consists of environmental services located in the selected region, and VPN Kill Switch will protect you, even when you are disconnected from the VPN.

First-party DNS: You will no longer land on an unprotected website that designed to scam people.

IPVanish took significant steps leading to the modern security protocols that will protect the paying consumers from Government surveillance, Privacy Invaders, Hackers, and more. As the Internet is progressing, VPN services demand is spiking up.

Best Deal for IPVanish Black Friday Offer

No Logs Policy

The USA-based VPN provider mentioned that they don’t save browsing history and sell or share personal information collected by the company. I have gone through the Privacy Policy of the company, and they mentioned it clearly in the “Brief” section.

The page also states that the servers are dedicated to the IPVanish and do not collect History, Monitor, and more.

However, I wouldn’t consider it trustworthy yet.

In 2016, Highwinds Network Group (Previous Owner) handed over the paying user’s data to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) which should not happen in the first place. IPVanish clearly stated on the website that they don’t collect the user’s data, and the FBI traced the culprit using the IP address.

I have shared the FBI Investigation report snapshot, and the IPVanish privacy policy had No-logs policy at that period. Regardless of the proof, I have to point out that the company was acquired several times, and there’s new management controlling the company right now. I would consider these aspects if I were doing something that could land me in trouble with government surveillance such as journalism.

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Servers & Locations

I have to consider a number of locations and servers available on the platform to access restricted media content. IPVanish is offering physical VPN servers in 75+ locations and placed 1400+ VPN servers across the world.

The USA-based provider added 40,000+ shared IPs to support paying customer requirements. One thousand four hundred servers are not enough to support 100,000+ customers, so they said 40,000+ shared IPs that can manage the load, and avoid having errors.

IPVanish has servers located in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania. If you are eyeing for American location only, then they added dedicated servers in New York, Miami, Chicago, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Atlanta, San Jose, Los Angeles, Ashburn, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

Oh yes, I think, this is worthy of mention that you can access Torrents, Netflix, Kodi, Stremio, Sky, and more. I do want to watch free content available in many countries but restricted to homeland country only.


  • Responsive servers for most of the part.
  • No-logs Policy (debatable).
  • Over 40,000+ anonymous IP addresses for customers.
  • Ideal VPN for Kodi and Torrent users.
  • Excellent IPVanish Black Friday Deals.


  • The company based in the USA that has a terrible privacy policy.
  • You might have problems while using Netflix.
  • Unfortunately, IPVanish cannot bypass China’s firewall.
  • The USA-based company has a history with the FBI.

I have mentioned everything you needed to know about the Black Friday VPN Deal, and I did exclude a couple of things from the list. In terms of personal security, I won’t consider IPVanish as they have recorded the IP address of the paying user and handed over to the FBI, and that was in 2016. J2 Global acquired IPVanish in 2019, and we don’t know much about the new management.

Bottom Line

I would love to know your opinions and experience of IPVanish in the comment section below. The USA-based VPN provider maintained state-of-the-art security and encryption in protection management. You can grab the deal during IPVanish Black Friday VPN Deals, which is a value-for-money deal.