IPVanish Black Friday VPN Deals & Coupon Codes

VPN is a standard protocol for journalists, army personal, and individuals around the world. You can find here Best IPVanish Black Friday Deals and Offers with Huge Discounts.  VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that protects your IP address from getting tracked and being watched by the government or some sort of cyber-surveillance. IPVanish is a popular VPN service provider that is offering Black Friday VPN Deals up to 70% off on the packages. In this review, we are going to look at their packages, deals, features, and PROS & CONS. I’m going to help you make the final decision to purchase the premium package or move on to something else.

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What are IPVanish Black Friday VPN Deals?

IPVanish is a Virtual Private Network service provider, who is based on the United States of America. The company is top-rated around the globe for providing premium services across the world at an affordable price. The VPN service provider offers enormous discounts during the Black Friday season, and it is always a value-for-money deal that has a positive impact on your budget. In this review, we are going, to begin with, packages, and move our way up to its worth, and learn whether it is worth your time or not.

IPVanish Blackfriday offer

Note: You do have an option to try the services VPN under the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee policy.

IPVanish Black Friday 90% Discounts


During the time, I was reviewing the packages; IPVanish was holding “Summer Sale 59% Discount”, which had an exciting deal on the table.

  1. Pay $5.00/month on one monthly plan.
  2. Pay $8.99/month on three months plan.
  3. Pay $6.49/month on the yearly plan.

The highlight is a $5/month plan, which had a 59% discount on the package. We have shown and mentioned above, and you are going to receive IPvanish Black Friday deal up to 70% off on the regular package. Buying digital products during the season does help in saving money big-time, and won’t break your vault. as well as you can find huge discounts account of Cyber Monday for IPVanish VPN.

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Encryption & Security

The primary purpose of the VPN is security and how the provider is going to protect your identity from government surveillance. IPVanish did not compromise on security protocols and encryption and included encryptions that are required in modern times.

The provider implemented industry-standard AES-256 BIT encryption and supported multiple protocols IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN (TCP/UDP), and PPTP. You are not missing crucial contracts that are required to keep your IP Address from getting revealed to the world.

DNS Leak Blocking: Privacy invaders won’t be able to take a sneak peek while your browser and the website communicating.

Supports TCP Port 443: The TCP Port 443 plays an essential role in connecting to a secure website that has an SSL Certificate.

IPV6 Leak Blocking: IPV6 leakage is a common problem in many developing countries, and it can reveal your identity to the invaders, and surveillance.

VPN Kill Switch: VPN consists of environmental services located in the selected region, and VPN Kill Switch will protect you, even when you are disconnected from the VPN.

First-party DNS: You will no longer land on an unprotected website that designed to scam people.

IPVanish took significant steps leading to the modern security protocols that will protect the paying consumers from Government surveillance, Privacy Invaders, Hackers, and more. As the Internet is progressing, VPN services demand is spiking up.

Best Deal for IPVanish Black Friday Offer

No Logs Policy

The USA-based VPN provider mentioned that they don’t save browsing history and sell or share personal information collected by the company. I have gone through the Privacy Policy of the company, and they mentioned it clearly in the “Brief” section.

The page also states that the servers are dedicated to the IPVanish and do not collect History, Monitor, and more.

However, I wouldn’t consider it trustworthy yet.

In 2016, Highwinds Network Group (Previous Owner) handed over the paying user’s data to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) which should not happen in the first place. IPVanish clearly stated on the website that they don’t collect the user’s data, and the FBI traced the culprit using the IP address.

I have shared the FBI Investigation report snapshot, and the IPVanish privacy policy had No-logs policy at that period. Regardless of the proof, I have to point out that the company was acquired several times, and there’s new management controlling the company right now. I would consider these aspects if I were doing something that could land me in trouble with government surveillance such as journalism.

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Servers & Locations

I have to consider a number of locations and servers available on the platform to access restricted media content. IPVanish is offering physical VPN servers in 75+ locations and placed 1400+ VPN servers across the world.

The USA-based provider added 40,000+ shared IPs to support paying customer requirements. One thousand four hundred servers are not enough to support 100,000+ customers, so they said 40,000+ shared IPs that can manage the load, and avoid having errors.

IPVanish has servers located in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania. If you are eyeing for American location only, then they added dedicated servers in New York, Miami, Chicago, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Atlanta, San Jose, Los Angeles, Ashburn, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

Oh yes, I think, this is worthy of mention that you can access Torrents, Netflix, Kodi, Stremio, Sky, and more. I do want to watch free content available in many countries but restricted to homeland country only.


  • Responsive servers for most of the part.
  • No-logs Policy (debatable).
  • Over 40,000+ anonymous IP addresses for customers.
  • Ideal VPN for Kodi and Torrent users.
  • Excellent IPVanish Black Friday Deals.


  • The company based in the USA that has a terrible privacy policy.
  • You might have problems while using Netflix.
  • Unfortunately, IPVanish cannot bypass China’s firewall.
  • The USA-based company has a history with the FBI.

I have mentioned everything you needed to know about the Black Friday VPN Deal, and I did exclude a couple of things from the list. In terms of personal security, I won’t consider IPVanish as they have recorded the IP address of the paying user and handed over to the FBI, and that was in 2016. J2 Global acquired IPVanish in 2019, and we don’t know much about the new management.

Bottom Line

I would love to know your opinions and experience of IPVanish in the comment section below. The USA-based VPN provider maintained state-of-the-art security and encryption in protection management. You can grab the deal during IPVanish Black Friday VPN Deals, which is a value-for-money deal.

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