Pia Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a season for consumers to purchase branded goods at the lowest price. You can consider the festive as the most cost-effective season for consumers. Most of the well-known brands offer 25% – 80% off on clothing, electronics, apparel, digital products, services, and more.

Black Friday deals are available in offline stores, but that’s not the case with Cyber Monday. You can grab the discounts on online stores, and save tons of money on expensive goods. I’m going to provide i-depth information on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

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Popular Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Online Stores

Pia Black Friday

Don’t you want to learn the sources of popular spots to buy premium goods at a lower price?

  • Amazon: Up to 50% off on the selected products.
  • NewEgg: Up to 40% off on the selected products.
  • Walmart: Up to 48% off on the selected products.
  • Best Buy: Up to 50% off on the selected products.
  • Game Stop: Up to 30% off on the selected products.

The online shopping portals discounts might change during the season as the competition arises. I’m expecting Amazon to hike the discount percentage up to 80% on selected goods. Of course, you will get 25% – 45% on your choice of products during the Cyber Monday and Black Friday period.

When does Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020 starts?

  • Cyber Monday will take place on 26th November 2020.
  • Cyber Monday will take place on 27th November 2020.

Most of the stores update the website front page and fix the store banners sharp at midnight. However, we have seen many well-known stores to update the visuals later on. We have witnessed plenty of online and offline stores to promote both occasions throughout the weekends and at the same time.

The occasions encourage the stores to celebrate it for weeks, and months. You might witness the discounts keep going on Tuesday, Wednesday, and even the entire month, so don’t expect it to end in one day. Black Friday is the most exciting part as offline stores take advantage of the season to sell premium products throughout the month under the banner.

Do not rush into stores to grab the lowered-cost on premium products because you got an entire month to find the best deal for you. Of course, you might miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime deal, but this won’t end in a day.

How long Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales do last?

I am hoping you could pay maximum attention to the details that I have provided here because it will change your perceptive. There is a difference between online shopping sites and offline stores, where both industries operate differently due to the nature of the business model.

  • Cyber Monday is a one-day event in the United States of America.
  • Black Friday is a one-day event in the United States of America.

However, I wouldn’t say the same for European countries, Australia, India, and other countries in the world. Many countries don’t follow the restrictions of the one-day event and capitalize on the audience’s interest level. We have seen digital companies selling services and products online before and after the day.

As I have pointed out earlier that well-known companies start the sale early and extend it to the next day.

However, we would urge the customers to buy on the same day because Amazon likes to keep it a one-day event. You don’t want to mess around when it comes to limited stock because the prices may go high after the event due to a shortage of supply. Do not take limited supply for granted and end up paying 20% higher than regular prices.

How much discount should I expect on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

That’s a fair question, and we have answered it for you. You have to keep the country & source in mind before saving money for the day.

Electronics: You won’t be disappointed when buying Samsung, Apple, Cameras, Noise-cancelling headphones, Gaming headphones, Computer components, and more. Customers can expect 30% off on smartphones and other electronic goods. However, I don’t see huge discounts on Apple products, which is a common factor nowadays.

Apparel & Footwear: I always keep an eye on the online stores for Apparel & Footwear as price does go down during this season. You can expect a 50% minimum discount on popular brands, and it reaches up to 70% on the sale day. I would love to grab the deals when there is a 30% – 60% discount on popular brands.

Gaming & PC: The $93 billion industry shines through the day with a 25% minimum discount on the popular consoles, games, accessories, and more. You can buy gaming PC components such as Intel CPU’s, Ryzen CPU’s, RAM, SSD, Graphics card, and more. You can grab excellent deals on controllers, console games, and steam gift cards. Overall, you can expect a minimum 25% discount on well-known brands.

How to grab the best deal on Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Customers should know how to make most of the events because it might not come again.

On-time Purchase: Let us assume that today is Black Friday, and Amazon started the sale, and you can grab the best deal within 6-hours of the sale countdown. On Amazon, you can find limited stock products, and they might not come back before the sale ends.

Keep Looking: We have seen online shopping portals avoid applying the coupon code while we make the purchase, so always keep an eye on the cart. Find the coupon code highlighted on the dedicated sale page, and then apply it during check out.

Free Shipping: You will find similar item listings on Amazon or other stores, and you will also find sellers offering free shipping.

Customers should subscribe to the Amazon or similar shopping websites newsletters. We found plenty of good deals on leading e-commerce portals, but you have to keep in mind that they will keep on sending until or unless you unsubscribe to the newsletters.

Bottom Line

PIA Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a money-saving season for customers, who are on a tight budget. Always be early and pick up the best deals before the listing runs out of stock. Let us know which country you hail from and what are the things you have learned from these occasions in the comment section below.

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